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Sep 8, 2017

Are they?

Well some are.  But many are not.  

However there may be a whole other piece at play that you are not even thinking about and today I break that down for you.



Aug 11, 2017

Ready for one part honest stories +one part really smart stuff + one part ridiculous talk about 90s fashion?


Today, I have two of my favorite people on earth on my podcast.  Amy Smith from thejoyjunkie.com and Andrea Owen from yourkickasslife.com. 

We got together for this awesome interview to talk about our own struggles, share some funny stories and talk all things 90s.  We also talk about the amazing retreat we having coming up in October that you don't want to miss!  Check it out at tripletconference.com

I also mentioned that one of my favorite (and single) guys might be joining us at the conference for a little bit.  Have you met my friend Rob Mack?  He is pretty awesome.

He also looks like this..yeah that sucks.


Listen up, enjoy the ride and join me in California in October!


Jul 23, 2017

What do you think?

You know I have thoughts on it...

Listen up as I break down my thoughts about men, love, dating, relationships...all of it!  

And join the challenge that starts on July 24th at loas.co/5

Jul 17, 2017

It gets confusing nowadays...

You look around at everyone you know and you might be asking yourself...do I even want a relationship?  No one who is in one seems that happy...

I get it.

Today I am going to talk about why you DO want a relationship and how to get there.


Jul 10, 2017

This is the worst.

Seriously.  It is so tough when the well-meaning family, friends, co-workers and even dates ask this question!  Let alone when they love to weigh in on what you should do!

Today we are going to talk about mindsets and scripts about how to handle this and not lose your shit.


Jun 30, 2017

I have a guest on the podcast this week and it is pretty much my favorite guest ever...my boyfriend Danny!!!!

He is on the podcast to talk about the ridiculous night we met, the beginning of our relationship and what we did wrong and right!

It's a good one.  Listen up!

Jun 19, 2017

I am sharing my guts all over the place this episode.  


About how I felt about my birthday this week.

Not so great things that happened in Costa Rica.

Personal failures.

All of it.

All for the sake of learning.  Listen up!

Jun 2, 2017

So this is a tricky one...

They may be funny.  Smart.  Kind.  But if you aren't dating anymore...should you be friends?

It's complicated, right?

Today, I give you some questions and thoughts that you will want to answer before you decide to make the decision if being friends with your ex is a helping or hurting.

Listen up! 

May 26, 2017

I don't know about you, this time of year always starts to get me thinking about camp.  

When I was 13, I went to summer camp and it turned out to be the most life changing experience of my childhood.  

Listen up today as I tell my experience as well as some ridiculous stories about me:)

And if you are ready to change your life, join me at the TripleTConference.com!

May 14, 2017

Without even noticing, introducing people to friends and family can be the natural next step or sabotaging your new relationship.  Do you know which you are doing?

Today, I am going to break down three ways to know when it is a great time to introduce a new boyfriend/girlfriend to move your relationship forward.


May 5, 2017

We all have times in our life where we want to be adored, cherished, put on a pedestal by someone.  Right?


I am breaking down today why having that mindset is not helping you or your relationships.

Apr 27, 2017

Do you wonder if your weight is keeping you single?

I am going to share some of my own personal experiences of dating at my far from perfect weight and mindsets to challenge you to date any size.


Apr 19, 2017

I just read a brilliant study from Harvard about the number one thing that makes us happy and healthy.

Can you guess what it is?

I am going to tell you and also share a story from my past and what had to happen for me to get to this place.  It's a doozy.

If you want to read the Harvard study it is here.

Apr 11, 2017

It happens to the best of us.  We are home on a rando Tuesday night and all of a sudden we hear from someone we never thought we would hear from again.

What do we do?

I am breaking down some theories of why they are there and what to do about it.


Mar 9, 2017

Do the people that you are dating and having relationships with know how to love you?  Treat you?  Are you asking for what you need?

If you just laughed out loud...I get you.

That is why I am breaking down today why getting Vulnerable is not optional it is mandatory if you want a relationship that works!

Also, check out the No Cheese Left Behind Retreat!

Feb 20, 2017

Hell has not frozen over...I just had a stellar talk with my retreat participants and decided that we have a smart talk about online dating.

Not what picture to put up or what to write in your profile but mindsets and strategies to keep you sane!

Listen up as I breakdown how you might be unconsciously sabotaging your online dates and how to do it better!

Feb 3, 2017

On a regular basis I hear ladies saying...chivalry is dead.  I pretty much have to agree, but I think that overall, we have killed.

I know...bold statement.

Listen in as I explain why I think that and what we can do about it.



Jan 27, 2017

was in tears multiple times this past weekend.

I sat back in awe as I watched women all over the world stand up for what they believe. It confirmed what I already knew...that women who stand together can change the world.

And there is a lot of change needed.

As a life coach who works with singles, I am constantly blown away by the powerful women I see who rock their jobs/businesses, have strong, beautiful friendships, are raising thoughtful children and yet struggle with self worth and giving away their power in dating and relationships.

That shit breaks my heart.  

I want to take that power, that beautiful fucking vibe that flowed through the world this weekend, and have a conversation on how we keep it going. In the small ways, on a day to day basis, in your everyday life, not just in the overall fight to stick up for what you believe (which you should totally keep doing too), but for the every day culture of women.

Listen as I break down today on how to do this!

Jan 16, 2017

So we are here in Costa Rica and my shit is coming up for me.

So I am going to tell you a story about my fears and what I am doing about them.

And when you are done listening, create your own LOAS Fuck It List and share it!

Also, say fuck it and join me in Costa Rica in March!

Dec 30, 2016

Cause we do.  


If you are confused, listen as I breakdown why listening to love advice isn't working for us anymore and what to do instead.

Dec 23, 2016

So I tend to:

a) have a lot of feelings.

b) express them a lot.

Anyone else?

So today I breakdown what to do when we express our thoughts, feelings, etc and it doesn't go over well.  And what the hell to do about it.

Dec 15, 2016

A lot is happening over here for me.  

Huge life changes that are super exciting...yet I am super nervous.

Listen in as I breakdown why I am nervous and what it has to do with love.



Dec 7, 2016

Gather around for story time!

Today, I share a story from my past where I made mistakes to prevent you from making the same ones.

A few years ago, I was struggling with figuring out why I was having such trouble with guys until I figured out that my type sucked!

Listen in as I tell you what I did about it and how you can make sure your "type" is working for you!

Dec 3, 2016

This week has been rough around here and I have some things to say...with quite a bit of swearing.

Something's gotta give, everybody.

Today I breakdown how we all have to start fixing this shit around us and it all begins with love.  

Listen up, Hot Pants!

Nov 22, 2016

They mean so well...they really do!

But we have to be very, very careful about who we let give us advice about relationships and dating.

Because between you and me....a lot of it sucks.

Listen today, as I break down who to listen to and who is cramping your style...


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